Meeting Up with Old Friends

I always feel good reuniting with my old friends. I love reuniting with old friends from my college years. I had so many good memories with my friends. I had so many great memories. I love to reminisce about the good times in school. Recently, I received an e-mail from my friend Sana in Japan. She wanted to know how I was doing. I was so happy to hear from her. Sana told me that she and two of our mutual friends were coming to America for a visit. They wanted the best Italian food in San Diego. I knew just the place to take them. Sana’s friends named Mina and Momo could not wait to come.

The four of us met while we were in college. We took intentional business classes together. We even worked together on some of our class projects. We formed a close friendship with each other. All three girls had different attributes. Sana was very bubbly and clumsy. Momo was very tall and very good at dancing. Mina was was the opposite of Sana. She was reserved and a ballerina that was skilled on her feet. I always thought of them as sisters. I was sad when they moved to Japan after graduation. We promised to keep in touch.

Sana, Mina. and Momo arrived in San Diego the next day. They were staying at my house for the duration of their vacation. They were very hungry when they arrived. I knew just the place to take them. Back in college, we constantly ate at an Italian restaurant near campus called Luigi’s. It was beautiful. The place was very clean and neat. The meals were delicious. When we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed it was the same as it was during our college years. We were so pleased.

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