I Am Enjoying Life a Lot More Now

When my husband told me he wanted a divorce, I was shocked. I had no idea that anything like this was coming. I did beg him to give us another chance, but I stopped that when I found out the reason he wanted a divorce was because he was seeing someone behind my back. I started to look for apartments for rent in Schaumburg IL after that. I wanted a two bedroom apartment in a nice area of town because I knew that I would retain full custody of our daughter after what he did.

I did not want to stay in the house where we had been what I thought was a happy family. I wanted a fresh start, and I knew that would be best for our daughter as well. When I saw an apartment that I really liked at Village in the Park, I knew that it was the one we were going to move into. I did have to go through the application process, but I knew that there was nothing that would keep us from calling it home.

I really liked the floor plan a lot. It is called the Colony Plus. It has two large bedrooms, and we each have our own bathroom too. I know that doesn’t mean a lot right now since she is only nine years old, but in a few years when she is a teenager, it will save a lot of frustration from both of us. There is also a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a balcony that overlooks the pool. There are so many things that come with it too, so I knew that we would both be very happy there. Now that I am on my own again, I am really starting to enjoy life a lot more, and my daughter is too!

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